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2010’s official (good) start

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Enjoyed a few good days fishing to celebrate the Opener of California’s General Trout Season. Working on stringing together some words and Photoshopping transferring photos to the computer for a post by Friday.

Wild Rainbow munching on a rubber-legged stimulator…


One thought on “2010’s official (good) start

  1. Looking forward to some photos- and remember these old adages as pertaining to smallish fish (they always help me accept my lot in life):

    • What they lack in size, they make up for in beauty

    • a size 22 fly in the mouth of a 2 inch fish is equivalent to a size 2 fly in the mouth of a 22 inch fish. Or something like that.

    • It’s not about the size of the fish in the fight, but the size of the fight in the fish. And little fish are scrappers.

    • There’s more fishing than catching big fish.

    • Small fish, in the hands of those with small hands, look relatively large.

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