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congratulations to a boy (and his parents)


Sean was awarded his A.S. in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement last night. That’s an accomplishment in itself. So was sitting through a ceremony that seemed a bit protracted and through speeches by speakers who sometimes veered away from the reason we were there: the accomplishment of these young people. I guess that’s almost to be expected today, when some people use every opportunity to push their agenda.

We’re proud of Sean’s work and accomplishment. But they don’t hand out degrees or certificates of achievement for those who both attend school and work one, sometimes two jobs while attending college and maintaining passing grades. That’s something in which Sean should also take pride.

Lastly, some photos below. Sean looks almost too happy to have this part of his education journey behind him, don’t you think?



3 thoughts on “congratulations to a boy (and his parents)

  1. I remember someone’s Mendo graduation, Sean looks suprisingly the same as you!

  2. Yay, Sean! (Kinda looks like you’re trying to squeeze the life outta Dad’s hand there, young’un.)

  3. Oh my god, he doesn’t look too much like you, almost like what you looked like when I first met you. Congratulations!! Got any buttons left on your shirt, Dad?!

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