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it’s beginning to look a lot like…big brother?


Since ffw is run by a helpful bunch, a word to fellow Golden State fishermen: get your license before heading out on the first trip of the year.

The move by California’s Department of Fish & Game to high-tech licensing (like that already used in Oregon and Washington) means your local shop might not be able to sell a fishing license. The computerized and inventively named Automated License Data System (ADLS) requires the purchase of a terminal, and since there’s no money to be made on the sales of licenses, there’ll be fewer license agents, e.g. your local fly shop. Only shops selling a high volume of licenses will receive the terminals gratis. The current list of ADLS agents shows that a few of the big box retailers and one larger sporting goods chain are part of the system. Another glance at the list shows only one agent in one of our favorite fishing locales.

It might be best to order your license online.

Yes, we’re helpful.

Anticipation of the first step in our first attempt to build a fly rod had something little to do with the absence this week of the insightful, biting and humorous prose you’ve come to expect.

Vintage Fishing License

Circa before my time.


2 thoughts on “it’s beginning to look a lot like…big brother?

  1. Leave it up to gov’t agencies to always make the right, smartest decisions. I liked things better back in 1924: It was easier to get a fishing license, understand the regulations (WA fish and game regs require a person have a PhD in code deciphering). Oh, and the wild steelhead runs were better then, too.

    Now, what about that rod building?

  2. Hey Patrick. Thanks for the info. I usually get mine from Fishermans Warehouse in Sacramento and it’s on the list. If I’d gone down there and they were not on the list, I’d have been pissed. Oh, the 1924 license, before my time too.


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