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these aren’t the flies you’re looking for


Laying around on my hard drive…from an Alaska fly fishing forum:

Did you (or anyone else) happen to notice a beige plastic fly box on Quartz that weekend of Oct 13th? I last saw mine near the mouth at the lake (on the left side bank) up in the weeds that Wednesday the 10th and noticed it missing when I got back to the car at the bridge. If found please call Dan. It’s full of ugly streamers that don’t catch fish.”


4 thoughts on “these aren’t the flies you’re looking for

  1. Ha! I could say the same about the box I left at Clear Creek and the box I left at the Arkansas and the box I left at Boulder Creek.

    • About three years ago, when I had finally filled my first fly box, I lost it. I drove back to the river (North Fork Tuolumne at Basin Creek) and retracted my steps. Gave up, but on the walk back found my box, open, resting on top of a moss-covered boulder. Best catch of the day!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever lost a fly box, but there have been other things lost. One thing in particular was a very, very good hunting knife I left under the bridge where it crosses Silver Fork. I knew where I left it, ran right back up there, and it was gone, gone, gone.


  3. I’ll say, I’ve never found mine. Hundreds of flies…many store bought.

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