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(and tossing out random thoughts)

what we see… (02/09/2011)


  • The Unaccomplished Angler and Trout Underground step up when John Walsh doesn’t:,
  • Going on my “I Want that Job” list, because of the trout; nothing to do with co-host Hilary Hutcheson. (Look out Rich Birdsell.):
  • What trout will you chase? And what’s this “Other Trout” some folks will be waving sticks at:
  • Below, a day at the Oakland Zoo (The Wife declared this date “Spontaneous Saturday.” We ended up at the Oakland Zoo and enjoyed dinner with the San Mateo nephews and their parents.):

[nggallery id=76]


2 thoughts on “what we see… (02/09/2011)

  1. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to work side by side with Hilary Hutcheson, either. I do wish my DirecTV programming offered Trout TV, though.

  2. Nice photos! Karen looks so happy!

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