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when it absolutely, positively has to fool your friends (and people you don’t really know)


It’ll be like you’re once again big man on campus in high school as you amaze your buddies. It’ll rain down shock and awe and bring a smile to your face as you confound retired friends formerly secure in the knowledge that your payments into Social Security allow them to fish more than you.

Cloud Girlfriend Screen

Let’s face it; we’ve all jumped into the digital multiverse, “friending” anyone and everyone with the remotest connection to the hobby. Even that gray-haired guy on the river who would have been a fly fishing mentor in the more refined days of yore has adopted social networking, and now he’s one of your thousand-plus friends validating their devotion to the sport with a constant stream of grip and grin hero shots.

Fortunately, in watching the bleeding edge from on high, we may have a solution in sight. Rather than lament that Cloud Girlfriend didn’t exist when us nerdy types were in high school, we can soon look forward to Cloud Fishshot.

For an as-yet undisclosed fee, Cloud Girlfriend will provide a living/breathing female to act as your girlfriend for the purposes of Facebook updates. No bodily fluids will be exchanged, nor will you be seeing any naughty pix or paying for’ ‘hot chat,’ but you will appear to be less of a pathetic loser to the world at large.

It’ll be unbelievably simple to suitably adapt Cloud Girlfriend.

Step 1: Define your perfect fish.
Step 2: Specific photo: rod/reel model and preferred background or headless hand/arm shot.
Step 3: We generate your photo.
Step 4: Post the photo publicly on your favorite social network.
Step 5: Repeat as necessary to intimidate impress friends and gain their admiration.

Sort of like Tenkara, but without the rod. Or the line.

Cloud Fishshot Splash Screen


2 thoughts on “when it absolutely, positively has to fool your friends (and people you don’t really know)

  1. Cloud Fishshot sounds good and all- no need to buy a license and gas to commute to the distant waters, etc…not to mention I could sell all my gear and then be able to buy my kids some sorely-needed new shoes, but let’s talk more about this Cloud Girlfriend thing. Surprisingly I never was the BMOC, so I am not above subscribing to this service. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. This is great! Might also want to expand into the world of new-gear-whoredom and provide grainy, out of focus, hard-lit shots of high-end reels, with cluttered backgrounds…you know…so the illusion is believable.

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