fishing for words

(and tossing out random thoughts)

the excuse for no post


My brother and I were here…

A Skykomish River Tribtutary

Mid morning on a Skykomish River tribtutary, with lots of fishy water.


Brother fish a tributary of the Skykomish.

My brother fishing…

…with Kirk “Unaccomplished Angler” Werner and Orvis guide Derek Young, for this…

Wild Rainbow on Skykomish Tributary

Healthy wild rainbow, who was right where he should have been.


6 thoughts on “the excuse for no post

  1. It was a fine day well spent. Hope you guys got into some great water on today’s outing as well. Good seeing you.

    • It was good seeing you and fun; you had quite an “accomplishment” that day. Today was a fantastic day as well. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, finer water and some willing cutties. Nice litter river!

  2. Well, I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad time while you were away. Beautiful waters, good friends and fish are the best excuse in the world.

  3. OK, we’ll forgive you.


    • Thanks Mark. I’ve been chasing these west slope cutthroat for three years. Got ’em and then some, but more on that later. Hope all’s well and cooler in Cali. Here, east of Seattle where there’s usually no such thing as air conditioning in homes, we’re sweltering in the mid to high 90s.

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