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Siskiyou Summit

Siskiyou Summit

Guess I should plan to leave the state every year. Now that the five-day countdown has begun for what’s becoming a nearly annual trek northward, storms are stacking up off shore, ensuring that at the very least snow showers will plague the drive over the Siskiyous. As of today various Web cams show modest snow at the 4100- to 4300-foot elevation of Siskiyou Summit between mileposts four and five.

Funny though, that after the word “drought” has been thrown around the Golden State for months, my pending departure may bring about a remedy. Is it my leaving that brings on the weather or is Mother Nature attempting to keep me from leaving the state? Or trying to keep me out of the states to the north of the border?

Thankfully the weather forecasts show the temperatures rocketing to the low 30s…up from 15 predicted for the previous days. Here’s to hoping there’ll be no stooping in the snow to rig up the chains.


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