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the parent’s 50th wedding anniversary weekend


My parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary last weekend. They didn’t want a big bash, but wanted the family to get together. And, for the first time in quite a few years, we gathered, with my wife and I, and my sister and her family, flying from San Francisco to Seattle-Tacoma International. Being short on vacation time it was a quick trip for us, flying up Friday and leaving Sunday.

The reason we all gathered in Duvall, Wash.

It was the type of low-key celebration that is more common in my immediate family (except, maybe, for my brother). It started Saturday morning at mom and dad’s house with a get-what-you-want breakfast. There was a lot of catching up and joking around. The nephews got reacquainted.

About mid morning, dad presented mom with an anniversary gift; a communal effort that brought together a heartfelt quotation chosen by dad with a cross-stitch put together by my wife, with the matting and framing coordinated by me. Yes, tears glistened in mom’s eyes, and dad’s voice crackled during his presentation.

That afternoon, in typical Konoske fashion and joined by my wife’s parents, we continued the celebration with a hearty “main meal.” (I’d call it either late lunch or early dinner, as the rest of the family well knows by now.)

At Sunday morning mass, mom and dad’s marriage was blessed at Holy Innocents Catholic Church, with the family in attendance. It was nice, and like our parents, low key. After mass and before some of us had to leave, we enjoyed too much breakfast at Duvall Grill.

But I do think I heard something about mom being up for sainthood.

Below is a slide show of photos from the weekend, or you can visit the album here.


3 thoughts on “the parent’s 50th wedding anniversary weekend

  1. Very nice. I recognize your folks from the photos as the couple I occasionally see walking the streets of Duvall. I’ll honk next time, which may startle and confuse them, though that will certainly not be my intent. Congrats to your folks on 50 years of good decisions!

    • That’d be them…regular walkers around town and a bit of the way down your street. Though they don’t head down the drive, they’ve told me that nearby they’ve seen a friendly chocolate lab chewing on “Beware of Dog” sign. A proxy thank you for the congrats…not only 50 years together but one son who gave them plenty of what we’ll call “memories.”

  2. Congrats – the pics are great. Everyone looks like they had a great time getting together. Haven’t looked at Mark’s pics, of him becoming a captain. I’ll do that next.

    Love, L&N

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